What is football golf?

What is football golf?

​Football golf is a mixture of football, golf and minigolf.

It`s a fun and challenging game which appeals to anyone who likes to be active and enjoys nature.

It can be played by all because it doesn't demand anything other than a pair of good trainers to kick a ball in. Age and size are not important and you don't need to be an active sports person. Therefore it appeals to everyone.

With a football and a pair of trainers you kick your way around the course's 18 holes trying to get the ball into an oversized hole big enough to hold several footballs.

The whole point of the game is, of course, to get your ball into all 18 holes in the least number of kicks.

On each hole there is a sign explaining exactly how the hole ought to be played.

You start on the first hole and there after follow the mown pathways from green to tee ending up at the 18th. There are places where the ball must either be kicked over an obstacle or under it or through it or to the right or to the left of it.

All the holes have short cuts or emergency exits if the obstacles prove to be too difficult, which means that everybody regardless of age and size can navigate the course and have a fun and enjoyable day.

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